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Linking My Account

What actions can I take after linking my account to another healthcare organization?

After linking your account to another healthcare organization, you can view the following information along with the information in your MyAtriumHealth account:
  • Allergies
  • Health Issues
  • Medications
If your account is active at the other organization, you may also be able to view and interact with the following features:
  • Messages
  • Test Results
  • Appointments and Visits
  • Care Team

Wherever you see the external symbol symbol, that information is coming from an outside organization. Tap the symbol on a mobile device or hover over the symbol on a desktop to see where the information is coming from.

Can I access this information on both the MyAtriumHealth app and the website?

Yes. The MyAtriumHealth app can show your information from other organizations. You may need to log in to the MyAtriumHealth website on a web browser to link your accounts and use some features like messaging and scheduling.

Can I stop seeing information from an organization I’ve linked?

You can unlink another organization on the Linked Accounts page. This will stop information from that organization from showing in your MyAtriumHealth account. You can always re-link your accounts later.

I can see other people’s information (e.g., my child) at a different organization. When my accounts are linked, can I also see that information here?

To see someone else's information, you must have permission within MyAtriumHealth and with the other organization.

How does MyAtriumHealth know where I have been seen before, or where I have other health data?

As you move among healthcare providers, healthcare organizations securely share information such as allergies and medications. This electronic exchange of information allows your care team to provide safe and effective care. MyAtriumHealth looks for existing connections to determine where else you have been seen. We can then suggest links to these organizations, allowing you to see outside appointments and messages in your MyAtriumHealth account.

How is my information protected?

We carefully protect the privacy and security of your information using different physical, administrative, and technical controls. Only healthcare professionals who are involved in your care can see your information.

Common Questions

Why aren’t all of the organizations where I have been seen available to link?

Before you can link your account, the other organization must participate in the secure information sharing network. If the organization you are looking for is not a suggested option, use the Discover Accounts search to see if it is part of the network. A full list of participating organizations can be found at

What if I do not recognize an organization that appears on my list of accounts?

You will see suggested organizations where you have a medical record. Sometimes, a name might not look familiar because:
  • A clinic might use a name that is different from the name of the organization that owns the clinic.
  • An organization where you were seen a long time ago might have changed its name since the last time you were seen there.
If you have concerns about your information at another location, you should contact that organization.

What do the notification bubbles mean in the LInked Accounts section of the home page?

logo with notification signYou have notifications available at this organization. You can jump directly into your linked account by clicking the logo for that organization. Your outside account opens in a new browser window or tab.

logo with no account connected sign You do not have an active patient portal account at this organization. If you want to create an account, click the organization’s logo or visit its patient portal website.

logo with issue sign There was an error while retrieving your information from this organization. Please refresh your screen or try again later.

How do I verify my account at another organization?

When you click the button to link an account, you will be asked to do one of the following:
  • Answer security questions about yourself. The answers to these questions will be stored at the other organization.
  • Log in with your username and password to the other organization’s portal.

Why do I need to manually update my data for some organizations?

Some organizations do not enable MyAtriumHealth to update your information automatically. In these cases, you will be asked to verify your account again before we can obtain your latest health information.

Why can’t I see certain information from other organizations?

You may not be able to see all information from other organizations because:
  • Some information may not be documented at the other organization.
  • If the information is the same at both Atrium Health and another organization, it is not marked with the external symbol symbol.
  • The other organization might not allow you to view certain information. The information you see within MyAtriumHealth depends on what the other organization enables you to see in their patient portal.

Why can’t I message a doctor from another organization?

To send a message to a provider outside of Atrium Health, click on another organization’s logo under Linked Accounts. This will open a new window and enable you to send a message if the other organization allows it.